Hey! Thanks for being interested in my workshop! We are going to have so much fun. This workshop is for literally anyone interested in learning about photography. I get so many questions on simple things and now I want to share them with you. When I first started I was afraid to ask any questions so this is a Q&A type workshop

Ive been so honored to shoot so many seniors locally and out of state. I just want this to be a bunch of us creatives learning together and growing together. 

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Date: FEB. 10TH  



 The most challenging thing I've dealt with is branding and marketing to your target audience. Finding a niche is nice & amazing. We will go over the importance of it , and how easy it can be. Be ready for the social media overload! #imnotready #whatisahashtag  


 Yasss! We are going to have a live shoot with  real people. During the shoot we will go over different posing/lighting situations. We will be adventuring around different locations having fun.  Also you will get to shoot one on one with the rad people and ask me any questions!


Editing & Slaying is basically what we will be going over (no beyonce won't be there). We are going into post processing. Showing you what I give clients for galleries and the things I do to add some special sauce on the photo...but not too much sauce. In the end of it all it comes down to you & your client  loving the images you make! 

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